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1st Sunderland Karate Championships 2010

5 Jun 2010

On Sunday 20th June the 1st Sunderland Karate Championships took place at City Space, Sunderland. Although the event clashed with Fathers Day it didnt stop 130 competitors and nearly 200 spectators supporting the event. The competition was aimed at encouraging students to gain experience in competition at a local level. Many of the competitors attending the championship were experiencing competition for the very first time. We were particularly impressed with the amount of adults competing for their first time.

The day ran smoothly thanks to the excellent help from the referees, timekeepers/recorders and our paramedic, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them for their excellent work on the day, which allowed competitors to perform to their best. Two competitors, Chris Hamilton and Maya Burns, were particularly outstanding winning both Kata and Kumite in their respective events, making them grand champions.

With the great success of our first championships and the amount of positive feeedback we have had from competitors, spectators and club instructors, we are now looking forward to the 2nd Sunderland Championships in 2011. Many congratulations to all competitors.

Full Results

Under 16 years novice-4th Kyu Kata

1st Jack Preston, 2nd Nathan Bowerbank, 3rd Jamie Allan, 4th Ben McVeigh

Under 16 years brown belt Kata

1st Maya Burns, 2nd Niamh Duddridge, 3rd Bethaney Miller, 4th Matthew Gibson

Under 16 years Black Belt Kata

1st Chris Hamilton, 2nd Daniel Lumb, 3rd Sam Light, 4th Liam Liddle

16 years + Mixed Kata

1st Dean McCormack, 2nd Neil Jerome, 3rd Kirsty Askew, 4th Karl Smith

Mixed Team Kata

1st Ashington A, 2nd Sendai Kushiro A, 3rd Sendai Kushiro C, 4th Sendai Kushiro B

10 years and under Boys Kumite

1st Jamie Allan, 2nd Jack Stobbart, Joint 3rd Kyle Reid and Ben Hall

10 years and under Girls Kumite

1st Maya Burns, 2nd Rebecca Purvis, Joint 3rd Alice Jewitt and Kate Hannah

11-14 under 5ft Boys Kumite

1st Liam Liddle, 2nd Daniel Sowerby, Joint 3rd Robbie Graham and Adam Gibson

11-14 over 5ft Boys Kumite

1st Ryan Spencer, 2nd Kyle Duddridge, Joint 3rd William Stevens and Jordan Collings

11-15 Girls Kumite

1st Megan Dent, 2nd Beth Nicholson, Joint 3rd Jessica Green and Rebecca Bradburn

15-17 years Male Kumite

1st Chris Hamilton, 2nd Sam Light, Joint 3rd Mark Holt and Antony Tubman

16 years + Female Kumite

1st Adanna Moore, 2nd Rebecca Teasdale, Joint 3rd Kirsty Askew and Nataie Keegan

18 years + Male Kumite

1st Neil Jerome, 2nd Tony Spencer, Joint 3rd Karl Smith and Andy Storey

Under 16 years Team Kumite

1st Sendai Kushiro A, 2nd Sendai Kushiro B, Joint 3rd Sendai Kushiro C and Ashington A

Most Outstanding Performance

Chris Hamilton

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