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2012 KUGB Northern Region Championships

26 Oct 2012

City Space proved again to be a brilliant venue for the event and what a brilliant event it turned out to be. Spectators filled out the 400 seats. The atmosphere was fantastic it seemed to have a real buzz about the place. All Sendai Kushiro competitors approached the event fantastically and had a fantastic attitude throughout the day. They were all a credit to our club. A big thank you to all members that helped with the running of this event.

Club Results

Male Kyu Grade Kumite - Neil Smith GOLD

Adult Kyu Grade Kata - Neil Smith Bronze

Junior Ladies Kumite - Beth Nicholson Silver, Laura Brice Bronze

Ladies Team Kumite - Beth Nicholson and Laura Brice Silver

Male Junior Kumite - Chris Hamilton GOLD, Sam Light Bronze

Senior Male Team Kumite - Chris Hamilton, Martin Fraser and Sam Light Silver

Senior Male Kata - Chris Hamilton Silver and Sam Light Bronze

Adult Team Kata - Sam Light, Martin Fraser and Beth Nicholson Silver

Senior Ladies Kata Beth Nicholson Bronze

Senior Male Kumite - Martin Fraser Bronze

Girls Kumite Under 5ft 3" - Sasha Hughes Bronze

Girls Kumite 10-11 - Cenya Russell GOLD, Alice Jewitt Silver, Eliana Rooks and Bronya Burnikell Bronze

Children's Kata Matthew Gibson GOLD, Alice Jewitt Bronze

Boys Kumite 10-11 - Matthew Gibson GOLD

Children's Team Kata - Jamie Allan, Matthew Gibson and Alice Jewitt GOLD

Boys Kumite under 5ft - Adam Gibson GOLD, Jamie Allan Silver

Ippon Kumite - Gursimeran Kandola and Tendai Cleugh Bronze

Children's Kyu Grade Kata - Cenya Russell Silver, Bronya Burnikell Bronze

Boys Kumite 5ft5" and over - Ryan Spencer Silver

Boys Kumite 5ft-5ft5" - Joshua Campbell Silver

The Randolph Williams Memorial Trophy was awarded to Matthew Gibson for the most outstanding competitor of the day. 

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