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3rd Sunderland Championships

30 Jun 2012

On Sunday 1st July the 3rd Sunderland Karate Championships took place at City Space, Sunderland. Over 160 competitors and 200 spectators supported the event. This year additional clubs entered the competition from Cumbria, Yorkshire, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The competition is aimed at encouraging students to gain experience in competition. Many of the competitors attending the championship were experiencing competition for the very first time.

The day ran smoothly thanks to the excellent help from the referees, timekeepers/recorders and our first aid team, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them for their excellent work on the day, which allowed competitors to perform to their best. Many congratulations to all.

3rd Sunderland Karate Championships – Results

Children’s Kata Novice – 4th Kyu

1st Dang

2nd Cenya Russell

3rd Luke Burnett

4th Frances Fisher

Children’s Kata Brown Belts

1st Carly Pringle

2nd Gemma Gibson

3rd Ethan King

4th Cameron Cowey

Children’s Kata Black Belts

1st Ryan Spencer

2nd Dylan Gibson

3rd Bethaney Miller

4th Matthew Gibson

Mixed Kata 16 years and above

1st Chris Hamilton

2nd Sam Light

3rd Dan Lumb

4th Beth Nicholson

Girls Kumite 10 and under

1st Katie Elliott

2nd Bronya Burnikell

3rd Trinity Stanners

3rd Frances Fisher

Boys Kumite 10 and under

1st Liam Miller

2nd Gursimeran Kandola

3rd Louis Jones

3rd Gurkeaton Kandola

Boys Kumite 11-14 under 5ft

1st Adam Gibson

2nd Jamie Allan

3rd Nick Guilfoyle

3rd James McNichol

Boys Kumite 11-14 over 5ft

1st Brett Billingham

2nd Jonathan Dowell

3rd Daniel Sowerby

3rd David Bradburn

Girls Kumite 11-15

1st Sammi King

2nd Emily Drysdale

3rd Emma O’Connor

3rd Maya Burns

15-17 years Male Kumite

1st Chris Hamilton

2nd Jason Crowther

3rd Ryan Spencer

3rd Sam Light

Ladies Kumite

1st Megan Dent

2nd Laura Brice

3rd Laura Smith

3rd Janette Tyrelle

Senior Male Kumite

1st Martin Fraser

2nd Andrew Mills

3rd Martin Pyrah

3rd Mike Jones

Mixed Team Kata

1st Ashington A

2nd Sendai Kushiro A

3rd Ashington B

4th Sendai Kushiro B

Under 16 years Team Kumite

1st Ashington A

2nd Sendai Kushiro A

3rd Sendai Kushiro B

3rd Ashington B

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