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47th KUGB National Championships

3 May 2013

The 47th KUGB National Championships took place on Saturday 4th May 2013 at the National Indoor Arena, Birmingham. Members of Sendai Kushiro performed a demonstration in the finals that was greatly appreciated by the crowd. The Sendai Kushiro club took a team of selected competitors, all of whom performed impressively; winning six GOLD medals, two SILVER and one Bronze medal.

At the end of the Championship the Sensei Enoeda Trophy was awarded to Holly Sterling for the most outstanding senior performance of the day for the second year running after becoming the first female in the 47 year history to become Grand Champion on two occasions. Ryan Spencer took the overall award for the most outstanding under 16 year old also for the second consecutive year.

Club Results

GOLD - Senior Ladies Kumite Holly Sterling

GOLD - Senior Ladies Kata Holly Sterling

GOLD - 16-20 Ledies Kumite Beth Nicholson

GOLD - Boys Kumite over 5ft 5" Ryan Spencer

GOLD - Boys Kumite Under 5ft Matthew Gibson

GOLD - Children's Team Kata Jamie Allan, Matthew Gibson, Alice Jewitt

SILVER - 18-20 Junior Kumite Sam Light

SILVER - Children's Team Kata Ryan Spencer Beth Nicholson Bethaney Miller

BRONZE - Senior Male Team Kumite Martin Fraser, Chris Hamilton Sam Light

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