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50th KUGB National Championships

6 May 2016

The 50th KUGB National Championships took place on Saturday 7th May 2016 at the Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham. Sensei John Bruce, Sam Light and Jamie Allan performed a demonstration in the finals that was greatly appreciated by the crowd. The Sendai Kushiro club took a team of selected competitors, all of whom performed impressively; winning numerous gold, silver and bronze medals.

Club Results

GOLD - Female Kata Holly Sterling

GOLD - Adult Team Kata Holly Sterling, Sam Light, Jamie Allan

GOLD - Boys Kumite 5ft-5ft5" Ethan Brown

GOLD - Girls Kumite under 5ft 3" Eliana Rooks

GOLD - Girls Kumite 10-11yrs Tendai Cleugh

SILVER - Junior Female Kumite Beth Nicholson

SILVER - Boys Kumite over 5ft5" Joshua Young

SILVER - Boys Kumite 5ft-5ft5" Matthew Gibson

BRONZE - Ladies Team Kumite Beth Nicholson, Maya Burns, Laura Brice

BRONZE - Junior (16-17yrs) Male Kumite Jamie Allan

BRONZE - Children's Team Kata Matthew Gibson, Alice Jewitt, Ethan Brown

BRONZE - Children's Kyu Grade Kata Patrick O'Keeffe

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