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5th Sunderland Karate Championships 2014

7 Jun 2014

On Sunday 8th June the 5th Sunderland Karate Championships took place at City Space, Sunderland. Many competitors and spectators from across the region supported the event. This year we had various VIPs attending, all of our VIPs commented on the excellent standard and conduct of all of the competitors.

The day ran smoothly thanks to the excellent help from the referees, timekeepers/recorders and our first aid team, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them for their excellent work on the day, which allowed competitors to perform to their best.

During the finals there were some excellent performances and some very exciting moments. Sam Light was awarded the Most Outstanding Competitor for his excellent performances, winning Senior Male Kumite, Adult Kata and Mixed Team Kata.

Full Results:

Novice - 4th Kyu Under 16 years Kata - Sponsored by IRIS Maintenance

1st - Henry Winterman

2nd Liliana Gierduszewska

3rd Patrick O'Keeffe

4th Henry Romer

Brown Belt Under 16 years Kata - Sponsored by Liz Lisle

1st - Bronya Burnikell

2nd - Catherine Burke

3rd - Charlie Oxtoby

4th - Francis Diosalan

Black Belt Under 16 years Kata - Sponsored by - Mad Monks Fight Store

1st - Bethaney Miller

2nd - Joshua Anthony Young

3rd - Cenya Russell

4th - Alice Jewitt

16 years + Adult Kata - Sponsored by Cece Tate and Ian Ian David Brice

1st - Sam Light

2nd - Jason Crowther

3rd - Beth Nicholson

4th - Martin Fraser

Girls Kumite 10 and under - Sponsored by Cece Tate and Ian Brice

1st - Tendai Cleugh

2nd - Christine Burke

3rd - Grace MacCauley

3rd - Jessica Ratcliffe

Boys Kumite 10 and Under - Sponsored by Shinko Karate

1st Alfie Lewis Strodder

2nd - Charlie Huddleston

3rd - Farai Cleugh

3rd - Lewis Jackson

11-14 Under 5ft Boys Kumite - Sponsored by Aartoft Pre-Fabricated Bathrooms

1st - Ethan Brown

2nd - Joshua Young

3rd - Evan Young

3rd - Adam Fraser

11-14 Over 5ft Boys Kumite - Sponsored by The George FC - Seaham

1st - Jamie Allan

2nd - Louie Cummings

3rd - Jade Stapleton Smith

3rd - Liam Miller

11-15 Girls Kumite - Sponsored by Killingworth Kaizen Karate Club

1st - Maya Burns

2nd - Bethaney Miller

3rd - Gemma Gibson

3rd - Niamh Duddridge

Ladies Kumite - Sponsored by Alan and Linda Nicholson

1st - Beth Nicholson

2nd - Laura Brice

3rd - Tanya Hopper

3rd - Liz Weir

15 -17 Male Kumite - Sponsored by Zanshin Shotokan Karate Club

1st - James Humphries

2nd - Ethan Armstrong

3rd - Thomas Crowther

3rd - Freddy Robinson

Senior Male Kumite - Ian Willis Northumberland Karate Academy

1st - Sam Light

2nd - Martin Fraser

3rd - Paul Lineham

3rd - Tony Spencer

Mixed Team Kata - Sponsored by Trish Bruce

1st - Sendai Kushiro A

2nd - Ashington NKA A

3rd - Denchi Kai A

4th - Sendai Kushiro B

Under 16 years Team Kumite - Sponsored by Jill Kelly

1st - Sendai Kushiro A

2nd - Ashington NKA

3rd - Shinko

3rd - Sendai Kushiro B

Best Overall Competitor - Sam Light

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