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7th Sunderland Karate Championships

4 Jun 2016

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the 7th Sunderland Karate Championship today. An excellent showing of skill and determination from the competitiors. An excellent turnout of competitors with just under 190 people taking part. Well done everyone.

Also a husge thank you to everyone who helped make the day possible.

Full Results

Children' Kata Novice - 4th Kyu

1st Maryam Lutfi

2nd Arthur Sharpe

3rd Jack Murphy

4th Emily Allen

Children' Kata Brown Belts

1st Ryan Oxtoby

2nd Brendan Potts

3rd Harry Peakcock

4th Katie Lough

Children' Kata Black Belts

1st Matthew Gibson

2nd Eliana Rooks

3rd Alice Jewitt

4th Henry Winterman

Adult Kyu Grade Kata

1st Craig Wilkinson

2nd Jo Whiting

3rd Suzanne Greening

4th Jerome Castro

Adult Black Belt Kata

1st Bethaney Miller

2nd Dylan Gibson

3rd Jason Crowther

4th Ross Billingham

Boys Kumite 10 and Under

1st Louis Jackson

2nd Harry Peacock

3rd Arthur Shillaw

3rd Kyle Malcolm

Girls Kumite 10 and Under

1st Kayla Davison

2nd Eleanor Poels

3rd Charlotte Lines

3rd Isabelle Marron

Boys Kumite Under 5ft

1st Owen Dunckley

2nd Henry Romer

3rd Aseniy Glukhov

3rd Sam Jackson

Boys Kumite Over 5ft

1st Jade Stapleton Smith

2nd Joshua Young

3rd Shahadot Choudhury

3rd Connor Dunckley

Girls Kumite

1st Cayleigh McCartney

2nd Eliana Rooks

3rd Tendai Cleugh

3rd Carly Pringle

Ladies Kumite

1st Beth Nicholson

2nd Maya Burns

3rd Liz Weir

3rd Niamh Lily Duddridge

Male Cadet Kumite

1st Matthew Gibson

2nd James Humphries

3rd Freddy Robinson

3rd Ross Billingham

Male Kumite

1st Ryan Spencer

2nd Jason Crowther

3rd Declan Armstrong

3rd Jim Windram

Mixed Team Kata

1st Sendai Kushiro B

2nd Sendai Kushiro A

3rd Ashington NKA

4th Sendai Kushiro C

Children's Team Kumite

1st Sendai Kushiro A

2nd York Elite

3rd Sendai Kushiro B

3rd Sendai Kushiro C

Adult Team Kumite

1st Sendai Kushiro A

2nd Ashington NKA

3rd Kaizen B

3rd Newcastle Sendai

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