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City of Liverpool Youth Championships 2018

Holly Bruce

25 May 2018

On Saturday 26th May 2017, Sendai Kushiro members competed at the Liverpool Youth Championships.

All of the members performed very well, showed an excellent attitude and demonstrated a very high level of technique. 

Along with some excellent results we are very proud of the continued development our members are showing. 

Well done everyone.


Childrens Kata 3rd Kyu & above

Gold - Ethan Brown

Bronze - Grace Snowdon

Childrens Ippon Kumite

Gold - Grace Louise Snowdon

Silver - Megan Fox

Bronze Hania Bowery

Girls over 5Ft 3 - Kumite

Gold - Rebecca Adie

Boys 10 - 11 Kumite

Bronze - Arthur Shillaw

Boys under 5ft - Kumite

Bronze - Patrick O'Keeffe

Boys over 5ft 5 Kumite

Gold - Ethan Brown

Team Kata

Gold - Sendai Kushiro A

Bronze - Sendai Kushiro B

Junior Male Kata

Bronze - Matthew Gibson

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