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English Karate Council Championships 2015

16 May 2015

On Sunday the 17th May, members of the Karate Union of Great Britain England Squad entered the 1st English Karate Council National Championships in Sheffield.

The English Karate Council has circa 50,000 members and is composed of the following major Karate organisations: The Amateur Martial Association, The Federation of English Karate Organisations, Karate England, English United Karate Federation and the KUGB.

Sendai Kushiro members results

GOLD - Sam Light -65kg Kumite

GOLD - Bethington Nicholson - +60kg Kumite

GOLD - Jamie Allan - 15-17yrs Kumite

BRONZE - Ryan Spencer - 15-17yrs Kata

BRONZE - Ryan Spencer 15-17 Kumite

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