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KUGB England Squad Selection 2011

29 Jan 2011

The KUGB’s English Squad selections took place over the weekend of 29th and 30th January (Kumite) and 5th February (Kata) at the famous Liverpool Red Triangle dojo. Hopefuls from all over the country attended hoping to impress England coaches Sensei Sherry 8th Dan and Sensei Brennan 7th Dan.

Selections started on Saturday with those hopeful under 21 year olds. Megan Dent, Chris Hamilton and Sam Light all being reselected, while Beth Nicholson was selected for the first time. The following day was time for Sensei John and Holly Sterling at the senior selections and both were successful.

Kata selections took place the following Saturday with both juniors and seniors competing together, as this is a combined squad. Sensei John , Holly Sterling, Sam Light and Chris Hamilton were all reselected and will train with the squad for 2011.

John Bruce (Kata and Senior Kumite)

Holly Sterling (Kata and Senior Kumite)

Megan Dent (Junior Kumite)

Chris Hamilton (Junior Kumite and Kata)

Sam Light (Junior Kumite and Kata)

Beth Nicholson (Junior Kumite)

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