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Holly Bruce

4 Sept 2021

Many congratulations to all of our members who attended the KUGB National Championships held in Nottingham for the first year...

For many of our competitors, it was nearly two years since the last time they competed. Win, lose or draw, the conduct and behaviour alongside the excellent performances demonstrated was fantastic to see. As always, the organisation of the event was excellent and the overall standard was extremely high. Well done to everyone.

GOLD - Adult Team Kata - Sam Light, Bethaney Miller and Ethan Brown

GOLD - Girl's Kumite under 5ft 3 - Kayla Davison

GOLD - Girl's Kumite 10 - 11yrs - Azhin Rafie

GOLD - Children's Ippon Kumite (Brown belt and above) - Dawud Zarifi

GOLD - Girl's Dan Grade Kata - Grace Snowdon

SILVER - Girl's Kumite under 5ft 3 - Rojin Rafie

SILVER - Girl's Dan Grade Kata - Ava Coulthard

SILVER - Boys Kumite 5ft - 5ft5 - Jonny Luke

SILVER - Children's Team Kata - Grace Snowdon, Ava Coulthard and Rojin Rafie

SILVER - Children's Ippon Kumite (Brown belt and above) - Kitti Shillaw

BRONZE - Female Kata - Bethaney Miller

BRONZE - Girl's Dan Grade Kata - Megan Fox

BRONZE - Male Kata - Sam Light

BRONZE - Girl's Dan Grade Kata - Rojin Rafie

BRONZE - Female Junior Kumite - Rebecca Adie

BRONZE - Children's Team Kata - Megan Fox, Azhin Rafie and Hania Bowery

BRONZE - Girl's Kumite 10 - 11yrs - Sofia Zarifi

BRONZE - Children's Ippon Kumite (Novice - 4th Kyu) - Harshita Mahamuni

During the finals the KUGB made special awards to Long Standing Members of the organisation.

The following awards were made to our members:

Sam Light (20 years)

John Bruce (30 years)

Chris Jones (30 years)

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