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KUGB National Championships 2017

5 May 2017

On Saturday, 6th May, the KUGB celebrated its 51st National Championship with competitors from all over the UK and Ireland traveling to the Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham.

The National Championships is the highest level of competition in the KUGB's home calendar. Alongside a large number of Karateka competing for the first time, there were many highly experienced competitors, including Internationals from the KUGB National Squads and USKF Ireland.

Many congratulations to all of the Sendai Kushiro team who all performed excellently at the KUGB National Championships. Everyone demonstrated an excellent attitude and great team spirit.


GOLD - Holly Sterling Ladies Kata

GOLD - Layla King-Lough Children's Ippon Kumite

SILVER - Holly Sterling, Sam Light, Jamie Allan Adult Team Kata

SILVER - Ella Mackintosh Children's Ippon Kumite

BRONZE - Sam Light Senior Male Kumite

BRONZE - Matthew Gibson Senior Male Kata

BRONZE - Ryan Spencer Junior Male Kumite

BRONZE - Ethan Brown, Cenya Russell, Max King-Lough Children's Team Kata

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