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KUGB National Championships 2018

4 May 2018

A selected group of Sendai Kushiro members attended the prestigious KUGB National Championships. This event, now in its 52nd year, is always of the highest caliber with final placings very hard to achieve. This years Championships was held at The Morningside Arena which proved very popular with competitors, spectators and officials.

The event ran very smoothly and all of our competitors performed fantastically well demonstrating a high level of skill, attitude and etiquette. We are very proud of the whole team. Also a huge thank you to the club coaches on the day, instructors who help with the continued development of the members week in week out and also to our excellent parents and supporters who dedicate themselves to our club.



GOLD - Adult Team Kata (Sam Light, Matthew Gibson, Jamie Allan)

GOLD - Girls Kumite Over 5ft 3 Rebecca Adie

GOLD - Girls Kumite 10-11yrs Grace Snowdon

SILVER - Children's Team Kata (Ethan Brown, Max King-Lough, Rebecca Adie)

BRONZE - Male Kata - Matthew Gibson

BRONZE - Girls Kumite Over 5ft 3 - Ava Coulthard

BRONZE - Girls Kumite 10-11yrs Ella Mackintosh

BRONZE - Children's Ippon Kumite Hanna Bowery


Well Done everyone.

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