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KUGB National Youth Championships 2011

1 Jul 2011

Queens Park Sports Centre, Chesterfield hosted the 2011 KUGB National Youth Championships. Competitors numbers were increased by 10% on the previous year (which was up 25% on the previous year) and the standard was again extremely high.

Sendai Kushiro selected a team of 16 members for the event and had some excellent results to go along with some brilliant performances. Megan Dent had an excellent day winning Gold in both junior ladies Kata and Kumite events and Beth Nicholson won Gold in the girls Black Belt Kata. A special mention goes to those who achieved medal positions in both Kata and Kumite events - Megan Dent, Ryan Spencer and Matthew Gibson.

Club Results

GOLD - Megan Dent - Junior Ladies Kata

GOLD - Megan Dent - Junior Ladies Kumite

GOLD - Beth Nicholson - Girls Black Belt Kata

SILVER - Kirsty Askew - Junior Ladies Kata

SILVER - Rebecca Purvis - 10 and 11 years Girls Kumite

BRONZE - Chris Hamilton - Junior Male Kata

BRONZE - Ryan Spencer - Boys Kumite over 5ft5"

BRONZE - Daniel Sowerby - Boys Kumite Under 5ft

BRONZE - Matthew Gibson - 10 and 11 years Kumite

BRONZE - Alice Jewitt - Girls Black Belt Kata

BRONZE - Ryan Spencer, Beth Nicholson and Joshua Campbell - Team Kata

BRONZE - Adam Gibson, Matthew Gibson and Joshua Young - Team Kata

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