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KUGB National Youth Championships 2016

1 Jul 2016

Many congratulations to all of the Sendai Kushiro Karate team today. An excellent performance from our competitors at the KUGB National Youth Championships. This event has an excellent standard with large numbers in each event. Well done to everyone.

Team results

GOLD - Beth Nicholson Junior Female Kumite

GOLD - Children's Team Kata (Matthew Gibson, Alice Jewitt and Ethan Brown)

GOLD - Matthew Gibson Boys Black Belt Kata

GOLD - Eliana Rooks Girls Kumite

GOLD - Tendai Cleugh Girls Kumite

GOLD - Maryam Lutfi Girls Nov-4th Kyu Kata

SILVER - Maya Burns Junior Female Kumite

SILVER - Jamie Allan Male Cadet Kumite

SILVER - Ethan Brown Boys Kumite

BRONZE - Ryan Spencer Junior Male Kumite

BRONZE - Ryan Spencer Junior Male Kata

BRONZE - Bethaney Miller Junior Female Kumite

BRONZE - Matthew Gibson Boys Kumite

BRONZE - Rebecca Adie Girls Kumite

BRONZE - Ella Mackintosh Girls Nov-4th Kyu Kata

BRONZE - Megan Douglass Ippon Kumite

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