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KUGB National Youth Championships 2017

30 Jun 2017

The 2017 KUGB National Youth Championships took place at the Queen's Park Sports Centre, Chesterfield on Saturday 1st July. The event, which is for Karateka under 21 years old, attracts competitors from all over the UK and Ireland and entries were up 25% on last year.

An excellent day for our members at the KUGB National Youth Championships.


GOLD - Junior Male Kata Matthew Gibson

GOLD - Team Kata Ethan Brown, Cenya Russell, Max King-Lough

SILVER - Junior Female Kumite Maya Burns

SILVER - Junior Female Kata Eliana Rooks

SILVER - Team Kata Jonathan Cowgill, Grace Snowdon, Patrick O'Keeffe

SILVER - 16-17yrs Male Kumite Jamie Allan

SILVER - Boys Black Belt Kata Patrick O'Keeffe

SILVER - Girls Black Belt Kata Grace Snowdon

SILVER - Ippon Kumite Laya King-Lough

BRONZE - 18-20yrs Male Kumite Ryan Spencer

BRONZE - Junior Female Kumite Eliana Rooks

BRONZE - Junior Female Kumite Bethaney Miller

BRONZE - Junior Female Kata Maya Burns

BRONZE - Junior Male Kata Jamie Allan

BRONZE - Boys Black Belt Kata Ethan Brown

BRONZE - Boys Black Belt Kata Max King Lough

BRONZE - Girls Black Belt Kata Cenya Russell

BRONZE - Girls Brown Belt Kata Megan Douglass

BRONZE - Girls Kumite Cenya Russell

BRONZE - Girls Kumite Rebecca Adie

BRONZE - Ippon Kumite Ella Mackintosh

BRONZE - Ippon Kumite Jonny Luke

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