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KUGB National Youth Championships 2018

Holly Bruce

29 Jun 2018

Many congratulations to all of the Sendai Kushiro Team that competed at yesterdays KUGB National Youth Championships.

As always, this event attracts a lot of excellent competitors from all over the UK and Ireland, making all of the categories a big challenge. 

Our team of competitors were carefully selected to represent the club and each one of them performed with an excellent attitude and demonstrated a high level of skill.

Well done to everyone.


GOLD - Team Kata Ethan Brown, Rebecca Adie, Max King-Lough

GOLD - Children's Ippon Kumite Athena Whiteley

GOLD - Girls Brown Belt Kata Megan Fox

SILVER - Male Individual Kata Matthew Gibson

SILVER - Female Individual Kumite 16-20 Eliana Rooks

SILVER - Girls Black Belt Kata Grace Snowdon

SILVER - Children's Ippon Kumite Megan Fox

SILVER - Girls Novice to 4th Kyu Kata Hania Bowery

BRONZE - Male Individual Kumite 18-20 Jamie Allan

BRONZE - Male Individual Kata Jamie Allan

BRONZE - Female Individual Kata (16-20) Bethaney Miller

BRONZE - Boys Black Belt Kata Max King-Lough

BRONZE - Boys Black Belt Kata Patrick Okeeffe

BRONZE - Children's Ippon Kumite Hania Bowery

BRONZE - Girls 10-11 Kumite Grace Snowdon

BRONZE - Girls 10-11 Kumite Layla King-Lough

BRONZE - Girls Kumite 5'3" and Over Rebecca Adie

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