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KUGB Northern Region Championships 2015

23 Oct 2015

A huge congratulations to all of the Sendai Kushiro Karate members on an excellent day at the 2015 KUGB Northern Region Championships.

Club Results

Male Team Kumite - Sponsored by Ian Willis

Bronze Sendai Kushiro

Male Senior Kumite 6th-1st Kyu - Sponsored by DRK

Bronze Max Ratcliffe

Bronze Colin Ratcliffe

Male Junior Kumite 16-17 years Sponsored by Sendai Kushiro Members/Parents

2nd Adam Gibson

Male Veterans Kumite Sponsored by Ian Brice

Bronze Tony Spencer

Female Team Kumite Sponsored by Celia Brice


Female Junior Kumite 16-20 years Sponsored by Kaizen Karate

GOLD Beth Nicholson

Bronze Maya Burns

Male Kata Dan Grades Sponsored by Mike O’Connor

Bronze Sam Light

Bronze Ryan Spencer

Female Kata Dan Grades Sponsored by Wendy Goodbarn

Silver Bethaney Miller

Bronze Beth Nicholson

Adult Team Kata Sponsored by ADJ Fabrications

Silver Sendai Kushiro

Childrens Ippon Kumite Sponsored by Torashin SKC

GOLD Maryam Lutfi

Bronze Kayla Davison

Girls Kumite 10-11 Sponsored by Lutfi Family

GOLD Rebecca Adie

Silver Tendai Cleugh

Bronze Jessica Ratcliffe

Boys Kumite 5’ to under 5’5” Sponsored by DRK

GOLD Joshua Young

Bronze Matthew Gibson

Boys Kumite 5’5” and over Sponsored by ADJ Fabrications

GOLD Jamie Allan

Bronze Liam Miller

Girls Kumite under 5’3” Sponsored by ICB

GOLD Eliana Rooks

Childrens Kata 3rd Kyu to 1st Kyu Sponsored by Trish Bruce

Silver Patrick Okeeffe

Childrens Kata Dan Grades Sponsored by John Bruce

GOLD Matthew Gibson

Bronze Jamie Allan

Childrens Team Kata Sponsored by Jill Kelly

1st Sendai Kushiro A

2nd Sendai Kushiro B

3rd Sendai Kushiro C

Total medals

Gold - 9

Silver - 6

Bronze - 14

Congratulations everyone

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