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KUGB Northern Region Championships 2017

21 Oct 2017

A huge congratulations to all of the Sendai Kushiro Team on a fantastic performance at the KUGB Northern Region Championships. Excellent attitude, performances and a fantastic team spirit from all involved, from the entrance officials, the medics, table officials, referees and judges, coaches and the competitors. Well done everyone.

Club Results

Male Team Kumite - Sponsored by Ian Willis

BRONZE Sam Light, Ryan Spencerr, Jamie Allan, Matthew Gibson

Children's Kata Novice - 4th Kyu - Sponsored by Kenneth Barrow & Co Solicitors

GOLD Megan Fox

SILVER Jonathan Luke

Children's Kata 3rd -1st Kyu - Sonkei

GOLD Ella Mackintosh

Children's Kata Dan Grades - Sponsored Newcastle Sendai

GOLD Ethan Brown

SILVER Patrick O'Keeffe

Children's Team Kata - Sponsored by Trish Bruce

GOLD Ethan Brown, Max King-Lough Rebecca Adie

SILVER Patrick O'Keeffe, Grace Snowdon, Jonathan Cowgill

BRONZE Ella Mackintosh, Megan Douglass, Layla King-Lough

Male Senior Kumite Dan Grades - Sponsored by Mike O Connor

SILVER Sam Light

Male Senior Kumite 6th - 1st Kyu - Sponsored by Mike O Connor

SILVER Max Ratcliffe

Boys Kumite 10-11 years - Sponsored by Holly Bruce

BRONZE Arthur Shillaw

Girls Kumite 10-11 years - Sponsored by York Elite

SILVER Kayla Davison

BRONZE Layla King-Lough

BRONZE Ava Coulthard

Boys Kumite 10-15 years 5ft5 and over - Sponsored by Sendai Kushiro Parents

BRONZE Liam Miller

Girls Kumite 12-15 years under 5ft3 - Sponsored by Kaizen Kugb

BRONZE Hrishita Muhamuni

Girls Kumite 12-15 years 5ft3 and over - Sponsored by PKR Auto Services

GOLD Rebecca Adie

Adult Kata Novice - 1st Kyu - Sponsored by Sendai Kushiro Parents

GOLD Arwa Katab

SILVER Miranda Stephenson

Male Junior Kumite 16 - 17years - Sponsored by Newcastle University

SILVER Matthew Gibson

BRONZE Jamie Allan

Male Junior Kumite 18 - 20years - Sponsored by Leeds Shotokan

BRONZE Ryan Spencer

Female Team Kumite - Sponsored by Cece Tate

BRONZE Bethaney Miller, Laura Brice, Eliana Rooks, Cenya Russell

Female Junior Kumite 16 - 17 years - Sponsored by Sendai Kushiro Parents

BRONZE Bethaney Miller

Male Kata Dan Grades - Sponsored by Jill Kelly

GOLD Matthew Gibson

SILVER Sam Light

BRONZE Jamie Allan

Female Kata Dan Grades - Sponsored by Wendy Goodbarn

SILVER Bethaney Miller

BRONZE Eliana Rooks

BRONZE Cenya Russell

Adult Team Kata - Sponsored by Michael Brown, Northumberland Accountancy

GOLD Sam Light, Jamie Allan, Matthew Gibson

BRONZE Bethaney Miller, Eliana Rooks, Cenya Russell

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