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KUGB Northern Regions - 2013

25 Oct 2013

On Saturday 26th October 2013 CitySpace, University of Sunderland hosted The 40th KUGB Northern Region Championships. The day started with eliminations in both Kata and Kumite. Over 25 clubs from as far as Liverpool and the Lake District travelled to what is always a fantastic championships. The standard of this event is extremely high with over 20 internationals amongst the 200 plus competitors that were hoping for glory on the day.

Sendai Kushiro performed fantastically in front of their home crowd winning a spectacular 10 out of the 25 events. Gold medals were won from children, adults and in both individual and team Kata and Kumite.

Sendai Kushiro Results

Children's Kata 3rd - 1st Kyu

1st Cenya Russell

2nd Bronya Burnikell

Children's Dan Grade Kata

1st Matthew Gibson

Boys Kumite 10-11 years

1st Joshua Young

Girls Kumite 10-11 years

1st Bronya Burnikell

Boys Kumite 10-15 years 5ft - 5ft 5"

3rd Jamie Allan

Girls Kumite 12-15 years under 5ft 3"

3rd Cenya Russell

Childrens Ippons Kumite

2nd Jonathan Cowgill

3rd Tendai Cleugh

Childrens Team Kata

1st Sendai Kushiro A

2nd Sendai Kushiro B

3rd Sendai Kushiro C

Adult Team Kata

1st Sendai Kushiro

Male Dan Grade Kata

2nd Sam Light

4th Ryan Spencer

Female Dan Grade Kata

2nd Beth Nicholson

Male Junior Kumite 18-20 years

1st Sam Light

Male Junior Kumite 16-17 years

1st Ryan Spencer - Sendai Kushiro

Female Junior Kumite 16 - 20 years

2nd Beth Nicholson

Male Kumite 6th - 1st Kyu

1st Solomon Egwu

2nd Gary Miller

Female Team Kumite

3rd Sendai Kushiro

Male Team Kumite

1st Sendai Kushiro Karate

Most Outstanding Competitor of the Day Sam Light - Sendai Kushiro was awarded The Randolph Williams Memorial Trophy. 

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