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KUGB Shotokan Cup 2010

3 Sept 2010

The KUGB’s 35th Shotokan Cup took place on Saturday 4th September at the Queens Park Leisure Centre, Chesterfield. There were many outstanding performances from our members, particularly Sensei John Bruce, Chris Hamilton and Beth Nicholson who gained medals in their respective Kata and Kumite events.

Club Results

GOLD - Senior Male Kumite - John Bruce

GOLD - Junior Female Kata - Kirsty Askew

GOLD - Boys Kumite over 5ft5" - Chris Hamilton

GOLD - Boys Kata - Chris Hamilton

GOLD - Girls Kumite over 5ft3" - Beth Nicholson

SILVER - Senior Male Kata - John Bruce

SILVER - Junior Female Kata - Megan Dent

SILVER - Boys Kata - Sam Light

BRONZE - Boys Kumite 5ft-5ft5" - Joshua Campbell

BRONZE - Girls Kata - Beth Nicholson

John James Bruce was awarded the Shotokan Cup for Kumite

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