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Liverpool Youth Championships 2013

31 May 2013

Many congratulations to our members who competed at the Liverpool Youth Championships on Saturday 1st June at Toxteth FireFit Hub, Liverpool.

All of our members who entered the competition performed excellently in their respective events.


Team Kata

- 3rd Sendai Kushiro A

- 4th Sendai Kushiro B

Boys Kumite Under 5ft

- 2nd Matthew Gibson

Boys Kumite 5ft - 5ft 5"

- 1st Adam Gibson

Boys Kumite 5ft 5" and above

- 2nd Joshua Campbell

Junior Ladies Kata

- 1st Beth Nicholson

Junior Ladies Kumite

-2nd Beth Nicholson

Junior Male Kata

- 3rd Chris Hamilton

Junior Male Kumite 

- 3rd Chris Hamilton 

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