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Seahouses Children's Competition

7 Nov 2010

Sendai and Kushiro members have returned from the annual Seahouses children’s competition as club champions for the fifth year in a row. Excellent performances from everyone at the club starting in the low grade events all the way through to the high grades. Gold medals were won in the all areas showing an excellent all-round performance. Congratulations to everyone who competed.

Club Results

Kata 10 and under Novice - 4th Kyu

3rd - Louis Jones

Kata 10 and under 3rd Kyu and above

1st - Jamie Allan

3rd Joshua Young

4th Alice Jewitt

Kata 11-14 3rd Kyu and above

1st Ryan Spencer

2nd Beth Nicholson

3rd Jessica Green

Team Kata 4th Kyu and Below

3rd - Louis Jones, Cameron Cowey, Matthew Scott

Team Kata 3rd Kyu and above

1st - Beth Nicholson, Jessica Green, Ryan Spencer

4th Jamie Allan, Alice Jewitt, Bethaney Miller

Male Kumite 10 and under

1st - Joshua Young. 

2nd - Jamie Allan

3rd - Matthew Gibson

Team Kumite 10 and under

2nd - Alice Jewitt, Matthew Gibson, Joshua Young

3rd - Jamie Allan, Rebecca Purvis

Male Kumite 11-14 under 5ft

1st - Daniel Sowerby

2nd - Adam Gibson

3rd - David Girdwood

Male Kumite 11-14 over 5ft

1st - Ryan Spencer

2nd - Dovydas Simkus

Female Kumite 11-14

1st - Beth Nicholson

2nd - Jessica Green

Team Kumite 11-14

1st - Ryan Spencer, Dovydas Simkus, Beth Nicholson

3rd - James Tubman, Jessica Green, Daniel Sowerby

3rd - Adam Gibson, Bethaney Miller, David Girdwood

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