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Sendai Kushiro Awards Evening 2011

10 Dec 2011

This years Sendai Kushiro Christmas party and Awards evening took place at Ashbrooke Cricket Club. This years event was fantastically organised by Gary and Angela Miller, and Simon and Anthea Brown. The evening included party games, buffet, magician, live music by Sam and Callum along with the Karate quiz and awards all squeezed nicely into our four hour slot, which went down very well with the whole room packed with over 150 members, parents and suporters.

We would to take this opportunity to thank everyone for supporting the event, a huge thank goes to the organisers and congratulations to all award winners (see below)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Attendance - Crowtree Leisure Centre (100 Lessons)

100 Matthew Scott, 99 Farai Cleugh, 98 Tendai Cleugh.

Attendance - Raich Carter Sports Centre (49 Lessons)

47 Lewis Dowell, 46 Adam Colorn-Howe, 46 Daniel Sowerby, 46 Eliana Rooks.

Attendance - East Herrington (42 Lessons)

39 Catherine Burke, 39 Joel Faulder, 38 Christine Burke.

Attendance - Easington Village (86 Lessons)

66 Joshua Young, 62 Isaac Organ, 62 Terry Organ.

Attendance - Wheatley Hill (43 Lessons)

39 Ryan Carr, 38 Quinn Young, 32 Aidan Casemore, 32 Melvyn Turnbull, 32 Lewis Turnbull.

Attendance - Overall

171 Ethan Brown, 166 Christine Marshall, 144 Matthew Scott, 144 Farai Cleugh, 143 Tendai Cleugh

Best Competitor

Megan Dent.

Runner's up - Chris Hamilton, Beth Nicholson, Ryan Spencer, Jamie Allan.

Most Improved Student

Tendai Cleugh

Runner's up - Isaac Organ, Adam Suleiman, Gursimeran Kandola, Farai Cleugh

Student of the Year (Junior)

Matthew Gibson

Runner's up - Ryan Spencer, Farai Cleugh, Alice Jewitt, Bethaney Miller.

Student of the Year (Senior)

Christine Marshall

Runner's up - Chris Hamilton, Sam Light, Simon Brown, Martin Fraser.

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