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Holly Bruce

7 Dec 2019

On Saturday 7th December 2019 we hosted our Christmas Party and Awards Evening at CitySpace...

The evening was a huge success with over 120 people enjoying the event which included this years children's entertainer, Mr Merlin, along with various party games, Karate quiz, a raffle and our Awards for Outstanding Achievement during the year. Thank you everyone that worked so hard to make the evening so successful. The following awards were presented:

Outstanding Attendance:

East Herrington Dawud Zarifi and Teona Grigoliya - 32, Sofia Zarifi - 30, Justyna Welecka- Bowery – 30, Hania Bowery - 29

CitySpace Jonathan Luke - 95, Adam Robinson – 91, Rojin Rafie – 90, Dawud Zarifi - 88

Raich Carter Jaden Menzies - 49, Oliver Burdon– 46, Charles Dougall – 45, Kieran Archer – 44

Durham Owen Williamson - 77, Jake Mackintosh - 69, Charlotte Lichtenfeld – 65, Dave Smith – 64

Easington Campbell Davison - 92, Kayla Davison – 90, Clair Campbell – 86, Jonathan Luke - 85

Overall Rojin Rafie - 225, Clair Campbell – 191, Megan Fox - 185, Azhin Rafie - 183, Jonathan Luke – 180

The following members were presented Awards for Outstanding Achievement:

Competitor of the Year Megan Fox

Runners up - Rojin Rafie, Grace Snowdon, Jonathan Luke, Hania Bowery

Most Improved Rojin Rafie

Runners up - Arthur Shillaw, Charlotte Lichtenfeld, Ava Coulthard, Salim Salim, Kayla Davison

Junior of the Year Grace Snowdon

Runners up - Patrick O'Keeffe, Rebecca Adie, Megan Fox, Jonathan Luke

Senior of the Year Ethan Brown

Runners up - Sam Light, Anthea Brown, Max Ratcliffe, Bethaney Miller

Special Recognition Awards for European Individual Medalists

Ethan Brown Rebecca Adie

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