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Sunderland Karate Championships 2017

17 Jun 2017

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the 8th Sunderland Karate Championship on Sunday 18th June 2017. An excellent showing of skill and determination from the competitiors.  Well done everyone.

We would like to thank all of the referees, table officials and medics that dedicated their day and made the event so successful. Also a special mention to the sponsors for all of the categories who are listed by the event they sponsored.

Children’s Novice – 4th Kyu Kata – Kaizen

1st - Megan Fox

2nd - Jonny Luke

3rd - Jake Mackintosh

4th - Avin Doudyal

Children’s Brown Belt Kata – Dave Salmon

1st - Denny Shy

2nd - Ella Mackintosh

3rd - Evie Ackroyd

4th - Matt Robinson

Adult Kyu Grade Kata – Sendai Kushiro Parents

1st - Arwa Katab

2nd - Craig Wilkinson

3rd - Bev Foster

4th Justyna Walecka-Bowery

Children’s Black Belt Kata – Newcastle Sendai

1st - Henry Winterman

2nd - Ethan Brown

3rd Cenya Russell

4th Grace Snowdon

Adult Dan Grade Kata – Ian Willis

1st - Matthew Gibson

2nd Sam Light

3rd Dylan Gibson

4th Maya Burns

Children’s Ippon Kumite - Sonkei

1st - Ella Mackintosh

2nd - Grace Snowdon

3rd - Layla King-Lough

3rd - Megan Douglass

Girls Kumite 10 and under – Kenneth Barrow Solicitors

1st - Grace Snowdon

2nd - Eleanor Poels

3rd - Layla King-Lough

3rd - Ella Mackintosh

Boys Kumite 10 and under – Sendai Kushiro Parents

1st - Arthur Shillaw

2nd - Jack Short

3rd - Harley Burns

3rd - Matthew Moody

Boys Kumite 11-14 Under 5ft – York Elite

1st - Oliver Pennycook

2nd - Mahmood Lamah

3rd - Toby Atkinson

3rd - Joel Pollard

Boys Kumite 11-14 Over 5ft – Northumberland Accountants

1st - Ethan Brown

2nd - Max King-Lough

3rd - Regan Wood

3rd - Owen Dunckley

Girls Kumite 11-15 – Sendai Kushiro Parents

1st - Rebecca Adie

2nd - Mirand Moualea

3rd - Cenya Russell

3rd - Francis Fisher

Ladies Kumite – Cece Tate

1st - Maya Burns

2nd - Niamh Duddridge

3rd Laura Brice

3rd Gemma Gibson

Male Kumite 15-17 – Sendai Kushiro Parents

1st - Jade Stapleton-Smith

2nd - Jamie Allan

3rd - Luciano Zanuni

3rd - Liam Miller

Senior Male Kumite – Leeds Shotokan

1st - Sam Light

2nd - Ryan Spencer

3rd - Jason Crowther

3rd - John Pinder

Team Kata – Shinko

1st - Sendai Kushiro A

2nd - Sendai Kushiro B

3rd - Sendai Kushiro C

4th - Ashington NKA

Children’s Team Kumite – Trish Bruce

1st - Leeds A

2nd - Sendai Kushiro A

3rd - Leeds B

3rd - Sendai Kushiro B

Adult Team Kumite – Ian Brice

1st - Sendai Kushiro A

2nd - Sendai Kushiro B

3rd - Ashington NKA A

3rd - Ashington NKA B

Most Outstanding competitor was awarded to Sam Light

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