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The Shotokan Cup 2017

8 Sept 2017

The Shotokan Cup is the KUGB's National Individual Championship and takes place at the Queens Park Leisure Centre in Chesterfield. It is a highlight in the KUGB diary and is open only to Black and Brown Belts from all parts of the UK and Ireland. Over its 42 year history, this competition has seen many of our most famous competitors take part and, this year, included many of the competitors who have been selected to represent their country.

We had excellent performances from all of our competitors that competed at The KUGB Shotokan Cup. This event is a very high standard, each event was full of talented Karateka from clubs across the UK.

Club results

GOLD - Matthew Gibson Junior Male Kata

SILVER - Jamie Allan 16-7yrs Male Kumite

BRONZE - Sam Light Senior Male Kumite

BRONZE - Sam Light Senior Male Kata

BRONZE - Bethaney Miller Junior Female Kata

BRONZE - Eliana Rooks Junior Female Kata

BRONZE - Maya Burns Junior Female Kumite

BRONZE - Matthew Gibson 16-17 Male Kumite

BRONZE - Grace Louise Snowdon Girls Kata

BRONZE - Layla King-Lough Girls Kumite 10-11yrs

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